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For permission to use copyrighted material please send an Email request to

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To contact each author please see the contact information on the author's web site or page.
Authors usually also have a Facebook page.


First Capitol Books does accept Queries from authors. We are interested in the following categories of fiction: action, adventure, spy, mystery, courtroom, detective, romance, “chick lit”, Si-Fi, YA. and illustrated children's books. We are NOT interested in vampires, paranormal and aliens eating humans as a source of protean or taking over the planet because theirs is exhausted and polluted.

We are interested in nonfiction. Biography of “famous” and interesting people. economics relating to current events and issues, history. We are not interested in conspiracy theories, religion and inspirational, making money in the market, health in most instances and anything to promote your business.

You can send us a Query Email. Tell us what your book is about and tell us about yourself. Just pitch your book and why it will be a best seller. Do not send the book or the first so many pages. Do not send an attachment to your Email. Emails with an attachment will be deleted and not looked at.

Our company does not make money by charging you fees for assisting you to publish a book. We work entirely on a split of sales revenue plus a small fee to cover expenses. We do not pay advances. We are very selective. The copyright becomes the property of the publisher. The author receives a royalty split of all revenues. If the book is successful our system will be better for an author than a large classic publisher.

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